Dr Andi Horvath

Dr Andi Horvath

Andi is an international award winning podcaster for her series Access All Areas made for Museum Victoria where she was a Senior Curator. Known as Dr Andi she was a science producer and presenter on 3RRR broadcaster for over 20 years.

She is always ready to tell stories about science and culture for public audiences and has worked for both ABC and SBSTV.

She has a PhD in Medical Biology (UoM), an MBA (RMIT) and qualifications in Media (Deakin) and Science Communication (ANU).

Andi also trains scientists in communication skills and mind-sets and has lectured and tutored in Science Education (Monash) Science Communication (UoM) and History and Philosophy of Science (UoM).

She currently writes for the UoM Voice section of The Age and continues to package Science and Culture online, on-air, and in person. Watch out because on the odd occasion she has exploded into interpretive movement when explaining the actions of molecules.