#230      38 min 50 sec
Sweet and sour: China in Africa, beyond the headlines

Prof Deborah Brautigam

Sino-African relations expert Prof Deborah Brautigam examines China’s involvement and investments in Africa, and highlights the nuances in relations that the news media often glosses over. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#185      24 min 43 sec
Defending the indefensible: War criminals and the right to a fair trial

Dr Kevin Heller

International criminal law expert Dr Kevin Heller discusses the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and argues why even the worst of war criminals are entitled to the best defense. With host Jacky Angus.

#178      28 min 02 sec
Justifying the means: The law as accomplice in crimes against humanity

Dr Jennifer Balint

Criminologist and lawyer Dr Jennifer Balint discusses how nation-states seek to use the law in support of genocidal practices and other crimes against humanity. She also examines how, conversely, the law is also called upon to bring about reconciliation after regime change. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 165      23 min 42 sec
Early dating techniques: Determining the age of Australopithecus sediba

Dr Robyn Pickering

Australopithecus sediba, discovered in 2008 in southern Africa, is the most significant paleo-archeological find in recent years. These fossilized specimens have anatomical features lying somewhere between those found in Australopithecus africanus and Homo erectus. Geochemist Dr Robyn Pickering discusses the significance of the find, and how the age of A. sediba was determined. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 149      31 min 50 sec
Out of Africa: What human genomics is revealing about us

Prof Vanessa M. Hayes

Professor of genomic medicine Vanessa M. Hayes discusses our African genomic origins and how exploring global genetic diversity can help us understand and address human disease. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 130      27 min 37 sec
Accused abroad: Foreign nationals and identity in criminal trials

Associate Professor Richard Pennell

Historian Associate Professor Richard Pennell discusses the confluence and confusion of nationality, identity, and jurisdiction in criminal cases crossing cultural and national borders. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 127      25 min 13 sec
An ocean away: An African nation's roots in Southeast Asia

Associate Professor Sander Adelaar

Linguistics Assoc Professor Sander Adelaar discusses the curious linguistic and genetic origins of the people of Madagascar. With host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 113      23 min 31 sec
Catching insects in Africa: A window on 18th century English society

Professor Deirdre Coleman

Historian, literary critic and author Professor Deirdre Coleman connects naturalist Henry Smeathman's years in West Africa to the social norms and intellectual life 18th century England. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 106      28 min 13 sec
Nothing To Eat: Famine and Its Consequences

Cormac O Grada

Economic Historian Prof Cormac O Grada joins host Jennifer Cook to discuss famine, its causes and repercussions, and the human condition in times of mass food scarcity.

Episode 91      22 min 24 sec
Within Our Reach: Tim Costello on International Aid

Tim Costello

World Vision Australia chief Tim Costello tells us how international aid efforts have succeeded, where they've got to improve, and why aid cynics have got it wrong. With host Jennifer Cook.