Episode 88      28 min 22 sec
Tuberculosis Resurgent

Prof Graham Brown
Dr Abuchahama Saifodine

Infectious diseases expert Prof Graham Brown gives the facts on tuberculosis (TB) and explains why the danger of "the neglected disease" is anything but diminished in the 21st century. We also speak with public health physician Dr Abuchahama Saifodine on site in Mozambique, where he is researching TB's prevalence and devastating effects. With host Jen Cook.

Episode 74      20 min 39 sec
Broadcasting hope among refugees in East Africa

Elias Mokua Nyatete

Elias Nyatete describes how Tanzanian media outlet Radio Kwizera has been an important source of information and hope for refugees in recent and current East African conflicts. With host Jacky Angus.

Episode 51      15 min 36 sec
Please Explain: Taxonomy

Dr Belinda Appleton

Dr Belinda Appleton joins science host Dr Shane Huntington to explain what taxonomers do, and recounts her adventures discovering new species of bats.

Episode 5      18 min 07 sec
Malaria Resurgent

Professor Graham Brown

Professor Graham Brown discusses the resurgence of malaria, and the role of the Nossal Institute of Global Health in the war on malaria and other global health problems.

Guest: Professor Graham Brown, Foundation Director of the Nossal Institute of Global Health

Topic: Malaria Resurgent