#250      31 min 10 sec
Komodo to our place: In the field with the giant monitor lizard

Dr Tim Jessop

Integrative ecologist Dr Tim Jessop talks about the fascinating biology and the ecology of the Komodo dragon -- the largest lizard in the world. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#247      25 min 25 sec
Giving off gas: Agriculture's role in greenhouse emissions

Prof William Horwath

Biogeochemist Prof William Horwath explains the impact that modern agriculture has on greenhouse gas emissions from the soil. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#227      24 min 16 sec
Contentedly caged? Researching the behavior of animals in captivity

Sally Sherwen
Megan Verdon

Doctoral students Sally Sherwen and Megan Verdon describe their investigations of animal behaviour in enclosures, from animals on display at the zoo, to pigs being bred for food. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

#211      23 min 25 sec
Sexing the wallaby: Marsupial reproduction and what it says about us

Prof. Geoff Shaw

Biologist Prof Geoff Shaw discusses research into the reproductive cycle of Australia’s Tammar Wallaby, how it contributes to our understanding of developmental biology, and the insights it provides into sex determination in humans. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

#199      25 min 11 sec
Catching evolution in the act: Bird color and the making of new species

Dr Devi Stuart-Fox

Evolutionary biologist Dr Devi Stuart-Fox explains how bird species in which plumage color form varies from member to member evolve into new species at a faster rate than species of a uniform plumage color form -- confirming a half century-old evolutionary theory. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#179      28 min 38 sec
Reaping what we sow: Agriculture's role in climate change

Associate Prof Richard Eckard

Assoc Prof Richard Eckard examines how modern agriculture contributes to global warming and discusses ways of mitigating the problem. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 176      23 min 04 sec
Conditions of affluence and aging: fatty liver disease, macular degeneration

 Dr Chris Leung
Dr Madeleine Adams

Physicians and doctoral students Dr Chris Leung and Dr Madeleine Adams discuss their research into unravelling the causative factors behind fatty liver disease and macular degeneration, respectively. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 170      27 min 43 sec
Something in the air: Chemical communication via pheromones

Prof Mark Elgar

Evolutionary biologist Professor Mark Elgar talks about the hidden smells that surround us – what they communicate to the animals who produce and detect them, and how this sophisticated natural messaging system evolved. With science guest host Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 166      26 min 40 sec
Good dog, bad dog: Dispelling myths about pet behavior

Dr Gabrielle Carter

Animal behaviourist Dr Gabrielle Carter explains how dogs and other pets can be made to acquire desirable behaviors and extinguish undesirable ones. With Science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 162      21 min 02 sec
Worming their way: Parasites, their larvae, and your brain

Prof Marshall Lightowlers

Parasitologist Professor Marshall Lightowlers explains the risk to animal and human health posed by parasitic flatworms, and how even neurological disorders like epilepsy can result from exposure to tapeworm larvae. With host Dr Dyani Lewis.