Episode 155      32 min 49 sec
Endangered animal species: Captive breeding and genetic rescue

Dr Andrew Weeks
Dr Michael Magrath

Geneticist Dr Andrew Weeks and animal behaviourist Dr Michael Magrath discuss diverse ways of dealing with threatened animal populations. Australia's Mountain Pygmy Possum is one such endangered species for which a combination of genetic and breeding solutions are being tried. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 125      41 min 40 sec
Approaches to snakebite in Papua New Guinea, and development in Sikkim

David Williams
Thomas Chandy

Herpetologist David Williams discusses his doctoral research into improving the plight of snakebite sufferers in Papua New Guinea, where snakes constitute a major public health problem. Also, PhD student Thomas Chandy probes community perceptions of the impact of economic development in the remote Himalayan region of Sikkim. With host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 124      34 min 01 sec
Of dogs and hens: Researching animal welfare in shelters and egg production facilities

Sally Haynes
Joanna Engel

PhD student Sally Haynes examines the relationship between dogs and their handlers in animal shelters, and the implications for canine welfare. Fellow doctoral student Joanna Engel is looking into how cage size and nest box availability affect the behaviour and stress response of laying hens. With host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 82      24 min 46 sec
Breeding alpacas, starfish seeking refuge

Kate Naughton
Felcity Jackling

PhD students Kate Naughton and Felicity Jackling discuss their respective research into ocean refuges and applying genetics to the commercial breeding of alpacas. With science host Shane Huntington.

Episode 65      30 min 53 sec
Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Prof Ary Hoffmann
Dr Michael Kearney

Prof Ary Hoffmann and Dr Michael Kearney discuss the effects of climate change on biodiversity, and how our quality of life could be adversely affected. With host Shane Huntington.

Episode 61      24 min 08 sec
Deconstructing / Reconstructing the Tasmanian Tiger

Prof Marilyn Renfree
Assoc Prof Andrew Pask

Biologists Prof Marilyn Renfree and Assoc Prof Andrew Pask talk Tassie Tiger, and explain how the humble mouse has aided genetic understanding of the extinct marsupial, the Thylacine. With host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 51      15 min 36 sec
Please Explain: Taxonomy

Dr Belinda Appleton

Dr Belinda Appleton joins science host Dr Shane Huntington to explain what taxonomers do, and recounts her adventures discovering new species of bats.

Episode 32      21 min 31 sec
Birds, Nations and Empires

Dr Lewis Mayo

Dr Lewis Mayo gives a historical perspective of how birds have symbolised nations' political struggles and aspirations. With host Sian Prior.

Episode 30      11 min 50 sec
Love Life of the Mountain Brushtail Possum

Dr Jenny Martin

Behavioural ecologist Dr Jenny Martin explains how studying Australia's Mountain Brushtail Possum has helped us understand how ecological change affects animal mating behaviour. This is the second of our "Summer Season of Science" mini series. With Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 25      19 min 39 sec
Abundance And Extinction: Species Under Pressure

Prof Nigel Stork

Prof Nigel Stork talks to podcast host Dr Shane Huntington about the crisis of global extinction of species, its bio-historical backdrop, and a future of reduced diversity.

Guest: Prof Nigel Stork, School of Natural Resource Management

Topic: Global Extinction of Species