behavioural economics

#369      39 min 00 sec
The necessity of kindness: Altruism in animals and beyond

Prof Lee Dugatkin

Evolutionary biologist and historian of science Prof Lee Dugatkin joins Dr Andi Horvath to discuss displays of altruism in insects, animals and humans, and how the often harsh evolutionary imperatives of survival can actually accommodate, promote or depend on acts of kindness and justice.

#368      31 min 43 sec
Decision neuroscience: Emerging insights into the way we choose

Prof Peter Bossaerts

Decision science researcher Prof Peter Bossaerts argues that investigating brain activity as we make decisions is generating new insights into how we deal with uncertainty and risk. Once the domain of economists and psychologists, the study of human decision-making is increasingly taking a neuron-level view, with implications well beyond economics and finance. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#248      33 min 31 sec
Prey to temptation: Our struggle with irrational health choices

Prof Ichiro Kawachi

Social epidemiologist Prof Ichiro Kawachi describes how mental short-cuts affect our health choices, often for the worse, and what can be done to help us make better choices. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

#241      20 min 45 sec
Raising emperors: The social cost of China's one-child policy

Prof Lisa Cameron
Assoc Prof Nisvan Erkal

Behavioral economists Prof Lisa Cameron and Assoc Prof Nisvan Erkal examine the effects of China’s one child policy on the interpersonal skills of a generation of only children. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

#202      27 min 30 sec
China life: Managing cultural taboos in your marketing strategy

Associate Professor Cheris Chan

Sociologist Associate Professor Cheris Chan recounts the expensive lessons foreign insurance firms have had to learn in China and other ethnically Chinese countries when encountering cultural taboos and superstitions that directly impact on business success. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 75      25 min 44 sec
Human Judgement and Investment Manias

Charles Noussair
Dr Tom Wilkening

From the tulip bulb mania in the 17th century to collateralized debt obligations more recently, Prof Charles Noussair and Dr Tom Wilkening outline the sometimes questionable human judgement of risk and reward. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 66      26 min 18 sec
Understanding Cooperation through Behavioural Economics

Dr Nikos Nikiforakis

Behavioural Economist Dr Nikos Nikiforakis explains how Behavioural Economics challenges one of the fundamental premises of traditional Economics - the rational, self-serving Homo Economicus. Through laboratory and field experiments, Nikos also develops a model for understanding social cooperation. With host Jennifer Cook.