#221      26 min 30 sec
Pump it up: Exercise, your muscles, and type 2 diabetes

Prof Mark Febbraio

Cell biologist and sports physiologist Prof Mark Febbraio discusses research that uncovers the relationship amongst exercise, muscular activity, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#216      26 min 46 sec
Tailings tidy up: How bioremediation can repair the damage done by mining

Dr John Moreau
Dr Augustine Doronila

Biogeochemist Dr John Moreau and botanist Dr Augustine Doronila discuss how contaminated mining sites can be rehabilitated with the help of a biological approach using plants and bacteria. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#211      23 min 25 sec
Sexing the wallaby: Marsupial reproduction and what it says about us

Prof. Geoff Shaw

Biologist Prof Geoff Shaw discusses research into the reproductive cycle of Australia’s Tammar Wallaby, how it contributes to our understanding of developmental biology, and the insights it provides into sex determination in humans. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

#209      32 min 45 sec
Ageing's all the rage: The science behind growing old

Prof. Dame Linda Partridge

In a wide ranging discussion on ageing, Professor Dame Linda Partridge delves into the research findings on longevity in humans and animals, and ponders evolutionary perspectives on the ageing process. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#208      28 min 32 sec
Stem cell therapy: The hope and the hype

Prof. Martin Pera

Pioneering stem cell researcher Prof Martin Pera discusses where stem cell research has been and where it’s going, the therapeutic potential of stem cell technologies, and what we should and shouldn’t expect from this fast-developing research field. With host Dr Shane Huntington.

#199      25 min 11 sec
Catching evolution in the act: Bird color and the making of new species

Dr Devi Stuart-Fox

Evolutionary biologist Dr Devi Stuart-Fox explains how bird species in which plumage color form varies from member to member evolve into new species at a faster rate than species of a uniform plumage color form -- confirming a half century-old evolutionary theory. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#190      27 min 26 sec
Germline confidential: Hunting down genes linked to breast cancer

Prof Melissa Southey
Prof David Goldgar

Genetics researchers Prof Melissa Southey and Prof David Goldgar discuss the enterprise of tracking down genes that make one susceptible to breast cancer. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

#184      26 min 46 sec
Double the value: How researching twins benefits everyone

Prof John Hopper

Epidemiologist Prof John Hopper explains the unique advantages of medical research focusing on twins, and how findings from twins studies enormously benefit the rest of humanity. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 170      27 min 43 sec
Something in the air: Chemical communication via pheromones

Prof Mark Elgar

Evolutionary biologist Professor Mark Elgar talks about the hidden smells that surround us – what they communicate to the animals who produce and detect them, and how this sophisticated natural messaging system evolved. With science guest host Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 165      23 min 42 sec
Early dating techniques: Determining the age of Australopithecus sediba

Dr Robyn Pickering

Australopithecus sediba, discovered in 2008 in southern Africa, is the most significant paleo-archeological find in recent years. These fossilized specimens have anatomical features lying somewhere between those found in Australopithecus africanus and Homo erectus. Geochemist Dr Robyn Pickering discusses the significance of the find, and how the age of A. sediba was determined. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.