Episode 93      24 min 03 sec
What Role Stem Cells in Leukaemia?

Dr David Curtis

Physician and researcher David Curtis outlines current understanding of the complex relationship between stem cells and cancer -- in particular leukemia.

Episode 92      17 min 23 sec
Cleaning Up The Mess: Bioremediation in Antarctica

Dr Kathryn Mumford

Dr Kathryn Mumford explains how bioremediation is being used to handle waste and spillage problems associated with the human presence in Antarctica. With science host Shane Huntington.

Episode 82      24 min 46 sec
Breeding alpacas, starfish seeking refuge

Kate Naughton
Felcity Jackling

PhD students Kate Naughton and Felicity Jackling discuss their respective research into ocean refuges and applying genetics to the commercial breeding of alpacas. With science host Shane Huntington.

Episode 65      30 min 53 sec
Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Prof Ary Hoffmann
Dr Michael Kearney

Prof Ary Hoffmann and Dr Michael Kearney discuss the effects of climate change on biodiversity, and how our quality of life could be adversely affected. With host Shane Huntington.

Episode 61      24 min 08 sec
Deconstructing / Reconstructing the Tasmanian Tiger

Prof Marilyn Renfree
Assoc Prof Andrew Pask

Biologists Prof Marilyn Renfree and Assoc Prof Andrew Pask talk Tassie Tiger, and explain how the humble mouse has aided genetic understanding of the extinct marsupial, the Thylacine. With host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 55      19 min 53 sec
Calming Nanotechnology Fears

Dr Amanda Barnard

Dr Amanda Barnard talks about how scientists measure and address the potential hazards of nanotechnology. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 51      15 min 36 sec
Please Explain: Taxonomy

Dr Belinda Appleton

Dr Belinda Appleton joins science host Dr Shane Huntington to explain what taxonomers do, and recounts her adventures discovering new species of bats.

Episode 46      23 min 36 sec
The Human Hand in Climate Change

Prof David Karoly

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Prof David Karoly calculates the human-caused contribution to climate change. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 33      14 min 45 sec
Mathematics of Biology

Prof Kerry Landman

Prof Kerry Landman chats with Dr Shane Huntington about how mathematics sheds light on biological phenomena like the growth of cancer cells.

Episode 30      11 min 50 sec
Love Life of the Mountain Brushtail Possum

Dr Jenny Martin

Behavioural ecologist Dr Jenny Martin explains how studying Australia's Mountain Brushtail Possum has helped us understand how ecological change affects animal mating behaviour. This is the second of our "Summer Season of Science" mini series. With Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington.