#404      35 min 47 sec
Getting cancer care to better reflect patients' lived experience

Associate Professor Lidia Schapira

How does a cancer patient's experience of illness help to inform their treatment? Clinical and research oncologist Associate Professor Lidia Schapira explains how health outcomes for cancer patients rely not only on timely diagnosis and medical intervention but on factors such as patients' cognitive and emotional experiences, as well as communications in the clinic. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

#398      29 min 09 sec
The baby makers: The science behind healthier embryos and better IVF

Prof. David Gardner

Reproductive biologist Professor David Gardner explains what we're still learning about healthy embryo development, how it's being applied to improve IVF technologies, and the unexpected insights it may offer into how cells implant themselves and proliferate -- including how cancers take hold. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

#314      30 min 41 sec
Altered expression: Epigenetics and its influence on human development

Dr Marnie Blewitt

Geneticist Dr Marnie Blewitt explains how epigenetics makes us more than just our genes and how gene inactivation can be crucial to our development. With science host Dr Dyani Lewis.

#283      32 min 04 sec
Inherited risk: The benefit and burden of genetic testing for heritable diseases

Prof Ingrid Winship

Clinical and research geneticist Prof Ingrid Winship discusses the use of genetic testing to improve the lives of people with inherited diseases and their families, as well as the pitfalls of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

#192      24 min 22 sec
Diagnostics overkill: Are we screening for cancer too frequently?

Prof. James Hanley

Epidemiologist Professor James Hanley scrutinizes the now standard practice of frequent screening for many types of cancer, and suggests optimal testing intervals may mean less screening overall. Presented by science host Dr Shane Huntington.

#190      27 min 26 sec
Germline confidential: Hunting down genes linked to breast cancer

Prof Melissa Southey
Prof David Goldgar

Genetics researchers Prof Melissa Southey and Prof David Goldgar discuss the enterprise of tracking down genes that make one susceptible to breast cancer. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 175      20 min 21 sec
Healthy moves: Exercise for cancer patients, and insights into arthritis

Catherine Granger
Tommy Liu

Physiotherapist Catherine Granger talks about whether exercise is beneficial to lung cancer sufferers, and Tommy Liu explains how mice are generating insights into arthritis in humans. With science host Dr Dyani Lewis.


Episode 95      32 min 16 sec
Personalized Medicine: Treatments Tailored to Your Unique Genetic Profile

Assoc Prof Melissa Southey
Prof Dan Roden

Assoc Prof Melissa Southey and Prof Dan Roden discuss how advances in genetics research are making it possible to develop customized medications and treatments -- in particular for cancer and cardiac arrhythmia  -- based on one's own genetic profile. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 93      24 min 03 sec
What Role Stem Cells in Leukaemia?

Dr David Curtis

Physician and researcher David Curtis outlines current understanding of the complex relationship between stem cells and cancer -- in particular leukemia.

Episode 33      14 min 45 sec
Mathematics of Biology

Prof Kerry Landman

Prof Kerry Landman chats with Dr Shane Huntington about how mathematics sheds light on biological phenomena like the growth of cancer cells.