chemical engineering

#384      22 min 09 sec
Exploring the impact of city lights on birds, and building better detergents

Mitchell Nothling
Anne Aulsebrook

In our annual PhD episode, we chat with two young researchers on their diverse investigations. We hear from bioscientist Anne Aulsebrook, who is looking at how urban lighting and light pollution is impacting the health and behaviour of wild birds that make their home in our cities. We also speak to chemical engineer Mitchell Nothling about his research into how enzymes like those found in our digestive systems could be harnessed to create sustainable and more efficient detergents. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

#252      32 min 10 sec
Watts fit to print: Developing flexible, organic solar cells

Dr David Jones
Dr Scott Watkins

Polymer chemist Dr David Jones and materials scientist Dr Scott Watkins discuss the latest in flexible electronics -- the printable organic solar cell. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington. 

#214      27 min 22 sec
Toxic titbits? The effects of nanoparticles on our health

Prof. Kenneth Dawson

Bio-nanoscience investigator Prof Kenneth Dawson discusses current research into nanoparticles and their potential effects on our health. With host Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 148      28 min 40 sec
Targeted delivery: The promise of nanotherapies in treating cancer

Assoc Prof Eva Harth
Dr Angus Johnston

Chemistry Associate Professor Eva Harth and Chemical Engineer Dr Angus Johnston discuss how cancer treatments may be vastly improved through drug delivery at the nanoscale. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 115      26 min 58 sec
The secret life of shampoo: Bubbles and droplets through the eyes of engineers

Associate Professor Raymond Dagastine
Dr Rico Tabor

Chemical engineers Associate Professor Raymond Dagastine and Dr Rico Tabor shed light on the phenomena of bubbles and droplets, and explain why their underlying physics and chemistry are important to a wide range of industrial processes. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 114      24 min 26 sec
Growing bodily tissues: An engineering perspective

Associate Professor Andrea O'Connor

Biomolecular engineer Associate Professor Andrea O'Connor discusses the engineering behind growing tissues and organs. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 92      17 min 23 sec
Cleaning Up The Mess: Bioremediation in Antarctica

Dr Kathryn Mumford

Dr Kathryn Mumford explains how bioremediation is being used to handle waste and spillage problems associated with the human presence in Antarctica. With science host Shane Huntington.

Episode 55      19 min 53 sec
Calming Nanotechnology Fears

Dr Amanda Barnard

Dr Amanda Barnard talks about how scientists measure and address the potential hazards of nanotechnology. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 47      19 min 35 sec
Carbon Capture and Storage Explained

Barry Hooper

Barry Hooper joins Up Close host Shane Huntington to outline emerging technologies for capturing and storing carbon dioxide.

Episode 41      21 min 27 sec
Drinking The Same Water Twice -- Potable Water From Waste

Prof Peter Scales
Prof David Fox

Prof Peter Scales demystifies the process of recovering potable water from waste water, while Prof David Fox compares the cost of recycling with desalination. With Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington.