cyber security

#403      39 min 55 sec
Copping it globally: The rise and reach of transnational policing

Prof Ben Bowling

Criminologist Ben Bowling on how policing is increasingly crossing national borders, chasing globalized crime and cyber offenses, and raising serious questions about governance and public accountability. Ben also examines issues around stop-and-search police powers in the global context. Presented by Peter Clarke.

Episode 39      20 min 25 sec
Detecting and Avoiding Online Threats

Chris Leckie

Online security expert Assoc Prof Chris Leckie looks in depth at the threats and vulnerabilities facing individuals and societies in the networked world. In conversation with Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 7      22 min 59 sec
A Quantum Leap in Computing

Professor David Jamieson
Professor David Jamieson discusses Quantum Computing, the new frontier in computer design, with Science host, Dr Shane Huntington.

Guest: Professor David Jamieson, Director of the Melbourne node of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology

Topic: A Quantum Leap in Computing