#395      35 min 05 sec
China in Africa: Who benefits?

Dr Lauren Johnston

Economist Dr Lauren Johnston examines the evolving political and economic relationships between China and Africa, and how the East Asia giant is adapting its own model of aid, trade and investment to grow regional African markets and economies while securing a rising supply of energy and mineral resources for itself. Presented by Peter Clarke.

#365      31 min 31 sec
Managing transition: How do we prepare for complex social and environmental change?

Prof Jan Rotmans

Transition management thinker Prof Jan Rotmans argues that there must be a radical shakeup of existing institutions and governing structures if we are to deal with the shared, complex challenges emerging in social, economic, energy and environmental realms. Presented by Elisabeth Lopez.

#311      26 min 18 sec
Compound benefits: Creating new materials to aid cleaner energy generation

Prof David Sholl

Materials scientist Prof David Sholl explains how new hi-tech metal hydrides and metal-organic frameworks can be used to increase the efficiency of nuclear power stations and  to capture carbon dioxide emissions in coal-fired power plants. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#285      37 min 25 sec
How green is your cloud?: The energy we consume by staying connected

Dr Kerry Hinton

Telecommunications expert Dr Kerry Hinton explains how the growth in consumer and business cloud computing, and the mobile and wireless technologies that support it, is driving massive increases in power consumption. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#252      32 min 10 sec
Watts fit to print: Developing flexible, organic solar cells

Dr David Jones
Dr Scott Watkins

Polymer chemist Dr David Jones and materials scientist Dr Scott Watkins discuss the latest in flexible electronics -- the printable organic solar cell. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington. 

#244      33 min 43 sec
The dragon's tango: China's growing engagement in Latin America

Assoc Prof Kevin P. Gallagher

International relations scholar Assoc Prof Kevin P. Gallagher examines the growing influence in Latin America of a resource-hungry China, and the benefits and risks resulting from Chinese economic activity in the region. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#182      20 min 03 sec
Greener revs: Squeezing more efficiency out of gasoline engines

Assoc. Prof. Chris Manzie

Control engineer Associate Professor Chris Manzie makes the case that there's a lot of life left in the internal combustion engine, and that petrol engine technology will continue to evolve alongside its hybrid and electric counterparts. With host Dr. Shane Huntington.

Episode 168      28 min 58 sec
Lost generation: Governance gone missing in global energy security

Prof Ann Florini

Energy security and global governance analyst Professor Ann Florini explains the urgent need for global coordination of energy resources, and why existing institutions such as the International Energy Agency (IEA) are not up to the task. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 143      30 min 50 sec
Radiation for the rest of us: The alpha, beta and gamma of atomic interaction

Physicist Dr Roger Rassool discusses the basic physics behind the radioactivity produced -- and sometimes leaked -- in the production of nuclear power. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 131      25 min 14 sec
What seems to be the antimatter?: Where experimental particle physics meets cloud computing

Associate Professor Martin Sevior
Tom Fifield

Physicist Associate Professor Martin Sevior and software engineer Tom Highfield explain how commercial cloud computing can be enlisted in the service of answering questions about the origins of the universe. With science host Shane Huntington.