Episode 111      23 min 03 sec
A career in modelling: Assessing risk in natural resource management

Dr Andrew Hamilton

Agricultural scientist Dr Andrew Hamilton explains how risk and uncertainty can be better modelled in both managing waster water and estimating species richness. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 110      26 min 35 sec
Empowering Communities to Preserve Character of Place

Assoc Prof Raymond Green

Landscape Architect Assoc Prof Ray Green discusses his ground-breaking approach in which a community is able to define the character of its neighbourhood. This methodology seeks to restore the balance of power between communities and external bodies such as planners and developers. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 107      23 min 07 sec
Getting it on the grid: Integrating renewable energy into our power supplies

Dr Roger Dargaville

Energy and climate change analyst Dr Roger Dargaville weaves together diverse technical, economic and environmental factors to produce a model for better, smarter use of our energy supplies. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 102      19 min 38 sec
Greening the Internet

Rod Tucker

Prof Rod Tucker spells out the environmental impact of an increasingly networked world, and how energy savings can be found with smarter technology. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 94      19 min 
Managing China's Water Challenges

John Langford AM

Water engineer Prof John Langford discusses the immense challenges facing a China with swiftly mounting water demand and dwindling resources. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 92      17 min 23 sec
Cleaning Up The Mess: Bioremediation in Antarctica

Dr Kathryn Mumford

Dr Kathryn Mumford explains how bioremediation is being used to handle waste and spillage problems associated with the human presence in Antarctica. With science host Shane Huntington.

Episode 80      19 min 36 sec
A Flood of Water Scarcity in India

Assoc Prof Hector Malano
Ashok Jaitly

Associate Prof Hector Malano, along with India-based colleague Mr Ashok Jaitly, discuss the interdisciplinary approach to addressing water scarcity in India's "food bowl" region, the Krishna Basin. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 65      30 min 53 sec
Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Prof Ary Hoffmann
Dr Michael Kearney

Prof Ary Hoffmann and Dr Michael Kearney discuss the effects of climate change on biodiversity, and how our quality of life could be adversely affected. With host Shane Huntington.

Episode 47      19 min 35 sec
Carbon Capture and Storage Explained

Barry Hooper

Barry Hooper joins Up Close host Shane Huntington to outline emerging technologies for capturing and storing carbon dioxide.

Episode 46      23 min 36 sec
The Human Hand in Climate Change

Prof David Karoly

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Prof David Karoly calculates the human-caused contribution to climate change. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.