Episode 35      16 min 46 sec
With No Grain Of Salt: Water Desalination Explained

Assoc Prof Sandra Kentish

Assoc Prof Sandra Kentish joins Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington to discuss water desalination as a technology and a controversy -- and its certain growth in our future.

Episode 25      19 min 39 sec
Abundance And Extinction: Species Under Pressure

Prof Nigel Stork

Prof Nigel Stork talks to podcast host Dr Shane Huntington about the crisis of global extinction of species, its bio-historical backdrop, and a future of reduced diversity.

Guest: Prof Nigel Stork, School of Natural Resource Management

Topic: Global Extinction of Species

Episode 22      31 min 12 sec
Geopolitics of Climate Change

Dr Peter Christoff

Dr Peter Christoff explores the global politics of climate change with Sian Prior.

Guest: Dr Peter Christoff, School of Social and Environmental Enquiry.

Topic: Geopolitics of Climate Change

Episode 20      26 min 43 sec
Genetically modified (GM) crops: the wheat from the chaff

Prof Rick Roush

Professor Rick Roush examines the realities and myths around Genetically Modified (GM) or transgenic Crops. With Dr Shane Huntington.

Guest: Professor Rick Roush, Dean, Faculty of Land and Food Resources.

Topic: Genetically modified crops: the wheat from the chaff

Episode 6      24 min 54 sec
Dry and Getting Drier

Professor Nancy Millis
Professor John Langford
Professor Nancy Millis and Professor John Langford discuss the need for radical changes in water management in Australia with Jacky Angus.

Emeritus Professor Nancy Millis AC MBE, Microbiologist and pioneer in fermentation technology in Australia
Professor John Langford AM, Director of the Melbourne Water Research Centre

Topic: The need for radical changes in water management in Australia.