health informatics

#312      26 min 19 sec
Screening along the spectrum: The search for a genetic test for autism

Prof Chris Pantelis
Prof Stan Skafidas

Neuropsychiatrist Prof Chris Pantelis and neural engineering researcher Prof Stan Skafidas discuss the potential for the use of genetics to improve the diagnosis of autism. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#288      40 min 03 sec
The data cure: The changing science of biology and its impact on your health care

Prof Keith Yamamoto

Molecular biologist and science policy leader Professor Keith Yamamoto discusses the current revolution in biological sciences and the emerging field of precision medicine. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#283      32 min 04 sec
Inherited risk: The benefit and burden of genetic testing for heritable diseases

Prof Ingrid Winship

Clinical and research geneticist Prof Ingrid Winship discusses the use of genetic testing to improve the lives of people with inherited diseases and their families, as well as the pitfalls of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

#273      24 min 50 sec
Life by numbers: Systems biology and its approach to researching disease

Biologist Dr Michael Inouye describes the emerging field of systems biology -- how it integrates large amounts of diverse data to take an encompassing approach to the study of life processes, and how it can be applied to the study of disease. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 153      29 min 45 sec
Mosquito bytes: Fighting malaria with computational science

Dr Stuart Ralph

Parasitologist Dr Stuart Ralph explains malaria and how computational modelling developed to better understand the disease will aid the global effort to eradicate it. With host Dr Dyani Lewis.

Episode 149      31 min 50 sec
Out of Africa: What human genomics is revealing about us

Prof Vanessa M. Hayes

Professor of genomic medicine Vanessa M. Hayes discusses our African genomic origins and how exploring global genetic diversity can help us understand and address human disease. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 122      32 min 49 sec
The ones and zeroes of life: Computational biology and the trajectory of scale

Justin Zobel
Dr Ajay Royyuru

IBM computational biologist Dr Ajay Royyuru and computer scientist Professor Justin Zobel discuss the intersection of life sciences with high-end computing, and how computational scale may dramatically enhance biological and genetic research. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 112      21 min 10 sec
Counting us in: Assessing indigenous child health

Assoc Prof Jane Freemantle

Epidemiologist Assoc Prof Jane Freemantle unpacks the delicate, complex task of empirically assessing child health in indigenous communities. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 99      23 min 05 sec
Click on the Kidneys: Virtual organs in your medical future

Professor Peter Harris

Prof Peter Harris discusses the process of virtual modelling of human organs, and how it will lead to enhanced understanding of disease and its treatment. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 19      30 min 32 sec
Individual Privacy vs Public Benefit in Health (Medical) Informatics

Professor Loane Skene
Assoc Prof Jim Black

Prof Loane Skene and Assoc Prof Jim Black discuss the debate on medical informatics with Sian Prior


Professor Loane Skene, Chair of the Board of Undergraduate Studies, and Professor of Law at the Melbourne Law School and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Assoc Prof Jim Black, Epidemiologist and Public Health Physician at the Nossal Institute for Global Health

Topic: Individual Privacy vs Public Benefit in Health (Medical) Informatics