Episode 63      20 min 20 sec
Parental Angst and Acceptance in the Digital Age

Dr Michael Arnold
Dr Martin Gibbs

Drs Mike Arnold and Martin Gibbs discuss the impact on families of the seemingly unstoppable wave of digital and virtual communications technologies.

Episode 60      21 min 36 sec
Harpooning the Myths: Japan and Whaling

Dr Charles Schencking

Maritime historian Dr Charles Schencking joins host Jennifer Cook to separate the myths from the facts surrounding the contentious practice of whaling by Japan.

Episode 38      20 min 20 sec
Plight of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Kylie Baxter

Dr Kylie Baxter talks with podcast host Jacky Angus about the background and current predicament of Palestinians in Lebanon.

Episode 32      21 min 31 sec
Birds, Nations and Empires

Dr Lewis Mayo

Dr Lewis Mayo gives a historical perspective of how birds have symbolised nations' political struggles and aspirations. With host Sian Prior.

Episode 26      20 min 04 sec
Post-Soviet Crime and Its Impact Abroad

Prof Leslie Holmes

Prof Leslie Holmes examines the wide-ranging impact of organised crime in post-Communist Russia and Eastern Europe. With host Sian Prior.

Guest: Prof Leslie Holmes, School of Natural Resource Management

Topic: Former Soviet Union, Central Eastern Europe and the internationalization of crime

Episode 14      25 min 35 sec
Islam and Sharia in Today's Indonesia

Prof Tim Lindsey
Professor Tim Lindsey looks at attempts in Indonesia to introduce Sharia law, and its implications for the largest democracy in Southeast Asia. Prof Linsdsey talks about current Australia - Indonesia relations.

Guest: Professor Tim Lindsey from the Asian Law Centre, and the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

Topic: Legislating Sharia in Indonesia