#368      31 min 43 sec
Decision neuroscience: Emerging insights into the way we choose

Prof Peter Bossaerts

Decision science researcher Prof Peter Bossaerts argues that investigating brain activity as we make decisions is generating new insights into how we deal with uncertainty and risk. Once the domain of economists and psychologists, the study of human decision-making is increasingly taking a neuron-level view, with implications well beyond economics and finance. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#332      22 min 07 sec
MRI: Window into the brain

Charles Malpas
Bernd Merkel

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, has revolutionized modern medicine, allowing us to see detailed structure of the human brain. PhD students Charles Malpas and Bernd Merkel discuss their research into applying MRI as a tool to investigate diseased and healthy brains to help fine tune our understanding of how the brain works. Presented by Sila Genc.

#303      31 min 15 sec
Brain of the beholder: The neuroscience of beauty

Prof Semir Zeki

Doyen of the field of neuroesthetics Prof Semir Zeki explains the neuronal behavior that underlies perceptions of ‘beauty’. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

#298      30 min 16 sec
Curve your expectations: Observing planets and galaxies with the help of gravity

Dr Bart Pindor

Cosmologist Dr Bart Pindor explains gravitational lensing, in which the curvature of space by gravity allows us to investigate galaxies and other astral bodies. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#270      30 min 46 sec
Useful imperfections: Nanodiamonds for quantum sensors in living cells

Prof Lloyd Hollenberg

Physicist Prof Lloyd Hollenberg explains how quantum technologies are leading to the development of sensors of only a few atoms’ size -- small enough to be placed inside living cells to enable monitoring of biological processes. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#265      29 min 12 sec
Brain traces: Neurobiology's emerging insights into schizophrenia and its treatment

Prof Brian Dean

Molecular biologist Prof Brian Dean talks about how both post-mortem and live imaging investigations of brain biology are helping to identify new treatment targets for the multifaceted condition of schizophrenia. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.