info tech

#363      29 min 16 sec
The social life of algorithms: Shaping, and being shaped by, our world

Prof Paul Dourish

Informatics researcher Professor Paul Dourish explains how algorithms, as more than mere technical objects, guide our social lives and organization, and are themselves evolving products of human social actions. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

#356      37 min 36 sec
Digital "dischord": How technology and markets are bleeding our musical artists

Prof Andrew Leyshon

Economic geographer Prof Andrew Leyshon charts the rapid changes in the music industry since the 1990s, how new technologies are changing how music is made and consumed, and how artists are affected. Presented by Peter Clarke.

#339      32 min 38 sec
Machine politics: Electronic voting and the persistent doubts about its integrity

Dr J Alex Halderman
Dr Vanessa Teague

Alex Halderman and Vanessa Teague, security experts in electronic and internet voting, argue that despite the speed and efficiency promises of e-balloting, it has yet to convincingly deliver the privacy, reliability and vote integrity that the democratic process requires and that voters expect. Presented by Elisabeth Lopez.

#305      34 min 57 sec
The boss’ gaze: Workplace surveillance and its meaning for employees and organizations

Prof Graham Sewell

Management expert Prof Graham Sewell discusses the evolution of workplace surveillance, or employee monitoring, and considers both its useful and unsettling effects. Presented by Lynne Haultain.

#301      39 min 30 sec
What's not to "Like"?: Social media and its impact on the political process

Prof Victoria Farrar-Myers

Political scientist Prof Victoria Farrar-Myers discusses the increasing, evolving impact of social media on political processes and communications. Presented by Peter Clarke.

#296      27 min 16 sec
Cardiac quest: Insights from simulating the heart’s geometry and function

Prof Edmund Crampin

Computational biologist Prof Edmund Crampin examines the challenges of creating a computational model of the human heart, and discusses what scientists have learned about the actual organ from this enterprise. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#285      37 min 25 sec
How green is your cloud?: The energy we consume by staying connected

Dr Kerry Hinton

Telecommunications expert Dr Kerry Hinton explains how the growth in consumer and business cloud computing, and the mobile and wireless technologies that support it, is driving massive increases in power consumption. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#237      31 min 03 sec
Maps and minds: Making car and mobile navigation systems people friendly

Prof Stephan Winter

Geospatial scientist Professor Stephan Winter explains the intelligence behind car navigation systems and the challenges of digitising map data. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#231      22 min 33 sec
Prizes and pitfalls: What foreign firms encounter when partnering with China

Prof Elisabeth Mueller

Innovation management expert Prof Elisabeth Mueller discusses the roles that research and the creation of intellectual property (IP) play in increasing productivity of China's corporations. She also examines the benefits and risks facing foreign businesses who venture into China's enormous market. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

#180      29 min 03 sec
Diamond data mining: Quantum computing and the materials that make it possible

Prof David Awschalom

Physicist Professor David Awschalom discusses the powerful potential of quantum computing, and how materials such as diamond play a crucial role in the development of this emerging technology. With host Dr. Shane Huntington.