#400      43 min 23 sec
Phantom democracies: John Keane on the New Global Despotism

Prof. John Keane

Political scientist and author John Keane on the recent proliferation of corrupt political regimes that employ democratic rhetoric, staged elections, social media and economic growth to cultivate public loyalty and give the appearance of legitimacy. Presented by Peter Mares.

#359      39 min 28 sec
Melody and mayhem: Music, law and the incitement to violence

Dr James Parker

Legal scholar Dr James Parker discusses the complex intersection of sound and the law -- from musical incitement to violence, to sonic crowd control, to the very deliberate design of courtroom acoustics. Presented by Peter Clarke.

#336      32 min 20 sec
False findings: The rise in retraction of scientific results

Prof Ivan Oransky

Medical journalist and educator Prof Ivan Oransky talks about research misconduct that, once uncovered after publication, leads to retractions of scientific papers, damaged careers, and an undermining of the scientific process. Prof Oransky suggests why retractions are on the increase, and how technology is being enlisted in the fight against fraud. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

Margaret Wertheim: Confessions of a science communicator

Margaret Wertheim

Celebrated science writer and author Margaret Wertheim discusses the state of science journalism and communication in a world of fragmented social and digital media, as well as her craft-based efforts to foster scientific and mathematical awareness. With Dr Shane Huntington.

#329      27 min 22 sec
Return to Eden?: How we “consume” nature and what it says about us

Dr Robin Canniford

Marketing researcher Dr Robin Canniford discusses how consumers -- through their pursuit of outdoor activities often involving sophisticated equipment -- seek to assemble romantic experiences of nature. With host Elisabeth Lopez.

#301      39 min 30 sec
What's not to "Like"?: Social media and its impact on the political process

Prof Victoria Farrar-Myers

Political scientist Prof Victoria Farrar-Myers discusses the increasing, evolving impact of social media on political processes and communications. Presented by Peter Clarke.

#276      37 min 06 sec
Corporate citizenship: Ethical embrace or marketing myth?

Prof Jeremy Moon

Expert in corporate social responsibility Professor Jeremy Moon uses the lens of citizenship to discuss corporate ethics and the role of business in society. With host Peter Mares.

#245      27 min 11 sec
Inventing romance: A tangled history of love and desire

Prof William Reddy

Medieval historian Prof William Reddy examines the conditions in Europe that led to the notion of romantic love. He also looks at the early constructs of love and desire in India and Japan. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

#218      17 min 14 sec
When silence is golden: What is said and left unsaid between friends in China and Taiwan

Assoc Prof Sun Shaojing

Assoc Prof Sun Shaojing discusses how the cultural and political context shapes interpersonal communication in China and Taiwan. Shaojing also gets up close to Chinese and Taiwanese societies through the linguistic lens of topic avoidance.

Episode 169      24 min 24 sec
Waves of influence: Television drama as an instrument of soft power in Asia

Sociologist Professor Chua Beng Huat explains how serial TV dramas have become a soft power currency traded among China, Korea, Japan and other countries in Asia. With host Jennifer Cook.