Episode 13      20 min 58 sec
Medical Tourism in Asia

Dr Andrea Whittaker
Dr Andrea Whittaker explores the phenomenon of medical tourism in Asia with Sian Prior. Dr Whittaker also talks about her research in illegal abortions in Thailand.

Guest: Dr Andrea Whittaker from Asia Institute

Topic: Medical Tourism in Asia

Episode 11      15 min 28 sec
Precision Drug Delivery with Nanotechnology

Prof. Frank Caruso

Professor Frank Caruso chats with Dr Shane Huntington about how advances in Nanotechnology enable delivery of therapeutic drugs in the human body with "pinpoint" accuracy.

Guest: Professor Frank Caruso from the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.

Topic: Precision delivery of therapeutic drugs with Nanotechnology

Episode 5      18 min 07 sec
Malaria Resurgent

Professor Graham Brown

Professor Graham Brown discusses the resurgence of malaria, and the role of the Nossal Institute of Global Health in the war on malaria and other global health problems.

Guest: Professor Graham Brown, Foundation Director of the Nossal Institute of Global Health

Topic: Malaria Resurgent

Episode 4      27 min 00 sec
Stem Cell Research

Professor Loane Skene
Professor Peter Rathjen
Professor Loane Skene and Professor Peter Rathjen discuss the debate on stem cell research with Jacky Angus

Professor Loane Skene, President of the Academic Board of the University of Melbourne, a member of the Council of the University, and Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University.
Professor Peter Rathjen, Dean of Science

Topic: Stem Cell Research