Episode 149      31 min 50 sec
Out of Africa: What human genomics is revealing about us

Prof Vanessa M. Hayes

Professor of genomic medicine Vanessa M. Hayes discusses our African genomic origins and how exploring global genetic diversity can help us understand and address human disease. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 148      28 min 40 sec
Targeted delivery: The promise of nanotherapies in treating cancer

Assoc Prof Eva Harth
Dr Angus Johnston

Chemistry Associate Professor Eva Harth and Chemical Engineer Dr Angus Johnston discuss how cancer treatments may be vastly improved through drug delivery at the nanoscale. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 144      30 min 40 sec
Waiter, there's cesium in my soup: The health implications of radioactivity

Assoc Prof Tilman Ruff

Associate Professor Tilman Ruff explains how radiation from nuclear energy sources can affect the human body and our health. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 138      30 min 42 sec
Grey matter, virtually: Computational neurobiology's insights into the brain

Professor Terrence Sejnowski

Professor Terry Sejnowski discusses recent developments at the nexus of brain science and computer modeling, enabling new understandings of psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia. With Science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 132      31 min 56 sec
Adult stem cells and their potential in treating heritable diseases

Dr Mirella Dottori
Dr Alice Pébay

Cell biologist Dr Mirella Dottori and neuroscientist Dr Alice Pébay discuss how their work with induced pluripotent stem (IPS) cells, aka adult stem cells, may hold the key to a cure for Friedreich's ataxia and other genetically transmitted diseases. They also explain how adult stem cells differ from embryonic stem cells. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 125      41 min 40 sec
Approaches to snakebite in Papua New Guinea, and development in Sikkim

David Williams
Thomas Chandy

Herpetologist David Williams discusses his doctoral research into improving the plight of snakebite sufferers in Papua New Guinea, where snakes constitute a major public health problem. Also, PhD student Thomas Chandy probes community perceptions of the impact of economic development in the remote Himalayan region of Sikkim. With host Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 122      32 min 49 sec
The ones and zeroes of life: Computational biology and the trajectory of scale

Justin Zobel
Dr Ajay Royyuru

IBM computational biologist Dr Ajay Royyuru and computer scientist Professor Justin Zobel discuss the intersection of life sciences with high-end computing, and how computational scale may dramatically enhance biological and genetic research. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 120      25 min 02 sec
Mental health strategies in post-crisis Sri Lanka

Associate Professor Harry Minas
Assoc Prof Daya Somasundaram
Dr Palitha Mahipala

Psychiatrist Prof Harry Minas, A/Prof Daya Somasundaram, and Dr Palitha Mahipala discuss the mental health landscape in Sri Lanka after decades of armed civil conflict and recent tsunami devastation. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 118      29 min 40 sec
Controlling our impulses: Communication pathways and signal transmission in the nervous system

Professor Bruce Carter
Dr Simon Murray

Neuroscientists Prof Bruce Carter and Dr Simon Murray explain how nerve cells conduct information efficiently and the processes that underlie the orderly creation and destruction of nerve and supporting cells. With Science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 114      24 min 26 sec
Growing bodily tissues: An engineering perspective

Associate Professor Andrea O'Connor

Biomolecular engineer Associate Professor Andrea O'Connor discusses the engineering behind growing tissues and organs. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.