#359      39 min 28 sec
Melody and mayhem: Music, law and the incitement to violence

Dr James Parker

Legal scholar Dr James Parker discusses the complex intersection of sound and the law -- from musical incitement to violence, to sonic crowd control, to the very deliberate design of courtroom acoustics. Presented by Peter Clarke.

#356      37 min 36 sec
Digital "dischord": How technology and markets are bleeding our musical artists

Prof Andrew Leyshon

Economic geographer Prof Andrew Leyshon charts the rapid changes in the music industry since the 1990s, how new technologies are changing how music is made and consumed, and how artists are affected. Presented by Peter Clarke.

#345      33 min 45 sec
Postmodernism: What is it good for?

Prof Brian McHale

Literary theorist Prof Brian McHale explains the origins and trajectory of postmodernism, muses on its role in our cultural expression, and speculates on its demise. Presented by Lynne Haultain.

#277      24 min 24 sec
Music and mind: Can Mozart really sharpen your neural connections?

Prof Glenn Schellenberg

Cognitive psychologist Prof Glenn Schellenberg scrutinises the relationship between music and cognitive development. With science host Dr Dyani Lewis.

#251      27 min 46 sec
Rhythm of the beat: The culture, meaning and meter of the tabla

Dr Nadeem Malik

Dr Nadeem Malik takes us on a musical and historical journey with the South Asian percussion instrument, the tabla. Presented by Jennifer Martin.

#203      34 min 27 sec
How we respond to music: Cultural construct or hardwired into the brain?

Associate Professor Neil McLachlan

Behavioral scientist and musician Assoc Prof Neil McLachlan brings a scientific understanding of sound to his research on our emotional responses to music. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 123      26 min 37 sec
Masterclass in improvisation: Flute legend Dave Valentin in Australia

Dave Valentin

New York-based latin and jazz artist Dave Valentin discusses how he came to his intstrument, the flute, its place in latin music, and what it takes to be a musical improvisor. With host Eric van Bemmel.


Note: For legal reasons, this episode will not be available as an on-demand stream. It continues to be available as a podcast and as a download. We regret the inconvenience caused.

Episode 84      22 min 08 sec
Music masters: improvisation as a research topic

Christopher Hale
Paul Williamson

Professional jazz musicians and research students Chris Hale and Paul Williamson pick up their instruments and speak about improvisational music as a focus of academic research. With guest host Katherine Smith.

Episode 58      24 min 23 sec
Singing and Teaching Early Music

Vivien Hamilton

Soprano Vivien Hamilton chats with host Jacky Angus about her art and work in early music. With host Jacky Angus.

Episode 57      24 min 19 sec
Timbre and Transcendence: Improvisation in Music

Dr Robert Vincs

Dr Robert Vincs explores the transcendental possibilities of improvisational music. With host Jacky Angus.