#377      29 min 10 sec
Ways of engaging: Challenging harmful ideologies in belief and practice

Prof Sally Haslanger

Philosopher and social theorist Prof Sally Haslanger outlines the persistence of ideologies like racism or sexism that entrench injustice or privilege, and how we might best combat deeply embedded misconceptions that endure in our societies in defiance of evidence or reasoned argument. Presented by Peter Mares.

#374      30 min 26 sec
Not merely emotion: Reclaiming "passion" as a driver of human behavior

Prof Louis Charland

Philosopher of the emotions Prof Louis Charland argues that we need to reinstate the notion of "passion" in our understanding of human behaviour. Now little mentioned outside of the arts and self-help domains, passion has deep historical roots and may have important contemporary use as a lens through which to view certain psychiatric conditions. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

#324      27 min 54 sec
Conditions of freedom: Privacy as a prerequisite to political participation

Andrew Roberts

Law researcher Andrew Roberts examines the value of and risks to privacy in western style democracies. Presented by Lynne Haultain.

#275      24 min 20 sec
Tick-tock tussles: Why physicists can't agree on time

Prof Craig Callender

Philosopher of science Prof Craig Callender tells us how physics has changed our understanding of time and why some even argue that the notion of time is unnecessary. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.

#269      45 min 40 sec
Making nice: Julian Savulescu and the case for moral bioenhancement

Prof Julian Savulescu

Philosopher and bioethicist Julian Savulescu joins host Peter Mares for a conversation on the potential for moral bioenhancement through direct brain stimulation, pharmacology or genetics, and the ethical implications of such interventions.

#207      31 min 56 sec
Happiness beyond retail therapy: A philosopher's view

Prof. Dan Russell

Philosopher Prof Dan Russell discusses the meaning of a good life and explores ways of achieving such a life. With host Jennifer Martin.

Episode 91      22 min 24 sec
Within Our Reach: Tim Costello on International Aid

Tim Costello

World Vision Australia chief Tim Costello tells us how international aid efforts have succeeded, where they've got to improve, and why aid cynics have got it wrong. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 90      23 min 37 sec
The Cost of A Life: Peter Singer on Ending World Poverty

Peter Singer

Philosopher and ethicist Peter Singer puts forward his vision of how individuals can take an ethical and just approach to tackling world poverty. With host Jennifer Cook.