#388      34 min 12 sec
The power of a warm welcome: Forging a humanitarian response to refugees amid negative media imagery

Prof Uma Kothari

Are refugees fleeing persecution today generally seen as people who need help, or problems to be pushed away? Migration and refugee researcher Prof. Uma Kothari discusses how media representations of asylum seekers influence us in how we attend and respond to the plight of individuals and groups fleeing their countries in search of safety. Presented by Peter Mares.

#350      35 min 51 sec
Superdiversity: Policy challenges in an age of unprecedented migration

Prof Jenny Phillimore

Migration researcher Prof Jenny Phillimore explains how the recent global phenomenon of superdiversity is challenging policy makers and service providers to rethink housing and health care in our cities and beyond. Presented by Lynne Haultain.

#178      28 min 02 sec
Justifying the means: The law as accomplice in crimes against humanity

Dr Jennifer Balint

Criminologist and lawyer Dr Jennifer Balint discusses how nation-states seek to use the law in support of genocidal practices and other crimes against humanity. She also examines how, conversely, the law is also called upon to bring about reconciliation after regime change. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 146      31 min 25 sec
Kashmir revisited: Untold stories and hard realities

Dr Christopher Snedden

Politico-strategy analyst Dr Christopher Snedden examines the decades-long Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan in light of new understanding of the conflict's origins. With host Elisabeth Lopez.

Episode 85      34 min 40 sec
Mythbusting International Refugee Law

Prof James C. Hathaway

Law Professor Jim Hathaway untangles the complexity and dispels misconceptions surrounding refugees and their status under international law. With host Eric van Bemmel. 

Episode 74      20 min 39 sec
Broadcasting hope among refugees in East Africa

Elias Mokua Nyatete

Elias Nyatete describes how Tanzanian media outlet Radio Kwizera has been an important source of information and hope for refugees in recent and current East African conflicts. With host Jacky Angus.

Episode 38      20 min 20 sec
Plight of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Kylie Baxter

Dr Kylie Baxter talks with podcast host Jacky Angus about the background and current predicament of Palestinians in Lebanon.