#376      52 min 43 sec
Jihad and 'just war': Twisting the law on the way to the battlefield

Prof Naz Modirzadeh
Assoc Prof Andrew March

International law expert Prof Naz Modirzadeh and political scientist Assoc Prof Andrew March explore how the United States and other governments contort and stretch international and domestic laws to accommodate the waging of war on non-state Islamist forces, and how those forces themselves invoke Islamic law to justify their actions. Presented by Lynne Haultain.

#202      27 min 30 sec
China life: Managing cultural taboos in your marketing strategy

Associate Professor Cheris Chan

Sociologist Associate Professor Cheris Chan recounts the expensive lessons foreign insurance firms have had to learn in China and other ethnically Chinese countries when encountering cultural taboos and superstitions that directly impact on business success. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 164      26 min 38 sec
Secularism, applied religiously: Harmonizing a hyper-diverse India

Dr Swapan Dasgupta

Senior journalist and political commentator Dr Swapan Dasgupta explains how secularism is defined and applied in ethnically, linguistically and religiously diverse India. And how a sense of harmony -- and occasional lack thereof -- is wrapped up in India's unique take on being secular. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 146      31 min 25 sec
Kashmir revisited: Untold stories and hard realities

Dr Christopher Snedden

Politico-strategy analyst Dr Christopher Snedden examines the decades-long Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan in light of new understanding of the conflict's origins. With host Elisabeth Lopez.

Episode 140      31 min 24 sec
A bullet for your thoughts: Recollections of persecution in Indonesia in the mid-1960s

Dr Kate McGregor

Historian Dr Kate McGregor revisits Indonesia's 30 September Movement, which resulted in the killings and persecution of 100,000s of Indonesians in the mid-1960s. Only in recent times have newly guaranteed freedoms of expression allowed survivors to openly recall their experiences of this defining moment in the country's not-too-distant past. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 130      27 min 37 sec
Accused abroad: Foreign nationals and identity in criminal trials

Associate Professor Richard Pennell

Historian Associate Professor Richard Pennell discusses the confluence and confusion of nationality, identity, and jurisdiction in criminal cases crossing cultural and national borders. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

Episode 78      35 min 31 sec
Accounting for Imams

Dr Eeqbal Hassim
Irfan Yusuf
Anisa Buckley

In this episode, three conversations on imams and educators in Muslim communities. Host Jacky Angus speaks to author and lawyer Irfan Yusuf about the roles and predicaments of imams in Australia and elsewhere; to researcher Anisa Buckley on imams and their role in marriage and divorce; and to educator Dr Eeqbal Hassim on getting school teachers up to speed on Muslim issues.

Episode 62      17 min 50 sec
Please Explain: Islamic Banking

Prof Abdullah Saeed

Prof Abdullah Saeed explains the concepts, history and modern-day practice of banking and finance according to Islamic law. With host Jacky Angus.

Episode 14      25 min 35 sec
Islam and Sharia in Today's Indonesia

Prof Tim Lindsey
Professor Tim Lindsey looks at attempts in Indonesia to introduce Sharia law, and its implications for the largest democracy in Southeast Asia. Prof Linsdsey talks about current Australia - Indonesia relations.

Guest: Professor Tim Lindsey from the Asian Law Centre, and the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

Topic: Legislating Sharia in Indonesia

Episode 1      18 min 33 sec
Islam Today

Professor Abdullah Saeed

Professor Abdullah Saeed discusses contemporary Islam with Jacky Angus

Guest: Professor Abdullah Saeed, Sultan of Oman Chair of Arab and Islamic Studies and Director of the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

Topic: Islam Today