#400      43 min 23 sec
Phantom democracies: John Keane on the New Global Despotism

Prof. John Keane

Political scientist and author John Keane on the recent proliferation of corrupt political regimes that employ democratic rhetoric, staged elections, social media and economic growth to cultivate public loyalty and give the appearance of legitimacy. Presented by Peter Mares.

Episode 106      28 min 13 sec
Nothing To Eat: Famine and Its Consequences

Cormac O Grada

Economic Historian Prof Cormac O Grada joins host Jennifer Cook to discuss famine, its causes and repercussions, and the human condition in times of mass food scarcity.

Episode 77      28 min 19 sec
Searching for Russia's Future in Its Past

Prof Leslie Holmes
Leslie Rowe

Prof Leslie Holmes and former Ambassador Leslie Rowe discuss how Russia's past influences this great nation's future. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 44      22 min 40 sec
Ethics in Psychiatry and Medical Training

Sidney Bloch

Prof Sidney Bloch speaks to Up Close host Jacky Angus about the development and role of ethics in psychiatric practice as well as in the education of doctors.

Episode 39      20 min 25 sec
Detecting and Avoiding Online Threats

Chris Leckie

Online security expert Assoc Prof Chris Leckie looks in depth at the threats and vulnerabilities facing individuals and societies in the networked world. In conversation with Up Close science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 26      20 min 04 sec
Post-Soviet Crime and Its Impact Abroad

Prof Leslie Holmes

Prof Leslie Holmes examines the wide-ranging impact of organised crime in post-Communist Russia and Eastern Europe. With host Sian Prior.

Guest: Prof Leslie Holmes, School of Natural Resource Management

Topic: Former Soviet Union, Central Eastern Europe and the internationalization of crime