#293      35 min 29 sec
Fare enough: Concocting an aura of authenticity in traditional food products

Prof Ken Albala

Food historian Prof Ken Albala discusses how the marketing machine creates a sense of authenticity around foods from various regions in Europe. Presented by Elisabeth Lopez.

Episode 96      24 min 18 sec
The Wrath of Grapes: Wine Making and Climate Change

Snow Barlow
Guy Lamothe

Viticulturist Prof Snow Barlow and Wedgetail Estate vigneron Guy LaMothe discuss the threats -- and opportunities -- that global warming poses for the wine industry in Australia and elsewhere. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.

Episode 37      31 min 14 sec
Reinvigorating the World Trade Organization

Ann Capling

Political scientist and Warwick Commission member Prof Ann Capling demystifies the World Trade Organization (WTO), and suggests how it might reinvigorate itself in a changing global trade environment. With podcast host Eric van Bemmel.